Jan 8, 2019

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See

This week’s 1-minute rundown:

  • The MOST censored stories of 2018 - watch the new Redacted Tonight episode

  • Angela Davis, the human rights icon, was honored by the Alabama Civil Rights Institute but had the honor rescinded because of her support for BDS, the movement to boycott Israeli companies over the Palestinian occupation - from AP

  • Eleanor Goldfield and I discussed how a mainstream MSNBC & NBC journalist publicly quit his job this week, saying the networks have become nothing but cheerleading for war. Plus Eleanor informed listeners about tactics and strategies for direct action. The positive news keeps coming in 2019 - on our podcast Common Censored

  • The Yellow Vest protests blew up across France demanding the resignation of Emmanuel Macron and winning a load of concessions from the neoliberal bankers’ President. Their success has led many to theorize about what these protests would look like in the US - from Popular Resistance

  • I discussed Bernie 2020, American foreign policy, and the importance of independent journalism in a recent interview - watch the Status Coup interview here

  • Read our first Reader-Submitted stories here. And continue sending your short news write-ups on important topics to LeeCampLedger@protonmail.com

  • Get my newest hour-long special — “Not Allowed On American TV” — only available at LeeCampComedySpecial.com


Thanks for coming back for our second issue of 2019. We asked you to contribute the stories that you want our community to see and you didn’t disappoint. We got news breakdowns, great links, and even some poetry.

We have new episodes of Redacted Tonight and Common Censored for you. I also spoke about several stories in the news right now on the YouTube channel of Status Coup.

The government is still shut down. FAA inspectors are no longer inspecting planes. The wall isn’t being built. People are waking up and rebelling against the exploitative system we live in. And being affiliated with climate change denial is becoming more toxic by the day.

Man, I sure hope that stupid wall doesn’t get built. …In unrelated news: 2 lbs of sugar added to a literal ton of wet concrete mixture will ensure that it never hardens — just sayin’.

- Lee

On Common Censored this week:

  • Mainstream Media has a new enemy - and it's one of their own.

  • Maryland throws some good news our way in the form of an important climate justice vote.

  • Tactics and strategy in direct action

  • The government shutdown continues and our fellow citizens are taking the opportunity to trash the nation.

  • Senator Warren’s exploratory committee

Listen to the new episode here.

I spoke with Jordan Chariton about the place of independent media in building public power, opposing corporate corruption, and holding our elected official accountable for their decisions.

We discussed Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bernie 2020 and the hypocrisy practiced by our media elite.

“The slightest threat of peace and [the corporate media’s] hair is on fire!”

It has become a tradition for the Redacted Team to start the year with a look back at the most important stories that the corporate media chose not to tell you about and this year, as with every year, there were a ton of them.

Some of them, we covered several times last year:

  • $21 trillion in unaccounted-for tax dollars spent by the Pentagon

  • Cell phones and Monsanto’s Roundup cause CANCER

But there are some surprises in the new episode:

More News Not Allowed On Your Mainstream Media

Alabama civil rights institute rescinds Angela Davis honor

AP | Jay Reeves

Black activists on Monday called for leadership changes and protests at an Alabama civil rights museum after it rescinded an award for political activist Angela Davis, a move the mayor said followed complaints from the Jewish community.

Read it here.

What Would A Yellow Vest Movement Look Like In The United States?

Popular Resistance | Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

The Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) movement in France is having a major impact and gaining international attention, already spreading to other nations, with some nations like Egypt banning the sale of yellow vests to prevent the protest from spreading there. The movement is showing that disrupting business-as-usual gets results. Will it come to the United States?

Read it here.


In the first Reader-Submitted segment of our newsletter we are highlighting the submission of Jan Weinburg.

He wants you all to know about the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act of 2018 (ARIA). The legislation, which has already been enacted, is designed to represent the interests of US energy corporations across Asia, while trying to control the rise of Chinese power.

Read the whole thing at this link.

And lastly…

“Not Allowed On American TV,” my newest hour-long comedy special, is getting great reviews (if I can say so myself). You can watch the entire thing at LeeCampComedySpecial.com. You can stream it for only for $3.90, and you can watch a clip for free.

The special has been described as, “setting a new standard for political comedy,” by Steve Topple at The Canary, one of the best independent outlets in the UK.

Watch the trailer and decide for yourself:

The Lee Camp Ledger is going strong in 2019. And thank you for being part of the community.

This community is a repository for all the news that your corporate media would prefer that you thought of as “Russian propaganda.” You know, the accurate descriptions of corporate behavior that make them look bad.

I enjoyed my New Year’s celebrations and I’m back, rested, and ready to keep on shining a light into the dark corners of power.

Keep fighting!

- Lee