Jan 2019, Week 1

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J. Weinburg w/ Show Up! America

Asia Reassurance Initiative Act of 2018 (ARIA): Read the bill here.
The Asia Reassurance Initiative Act of 2018 (ARIA), which has already been enacted into law, is a blatant and shortsighted continuation along the lines of Obama’s Pivot to Asia polices and practices - whose cornerstone strategy was and continues to be U.S. projection-of-power throughout the entire Indo-Asia Pacific. It is designed specifically to maintain U.S. hegemonic interests while containing a rising China.

ARIA's stated objective is to encourage Asia-Pacific nations to work in conjunction with US energy corporations.

This is nothing new. The Exxon Mobil/Vietnam Blue Whale project began during the Obama administration. It was located in disputed territorial waters that had been challenged by the Chinese.

I have to wonder what Chinese authorities thought when President Trump made Rex Tillerson, the former-CEO of Exxon Mobil, Secretary of State.

ARIA was foolishly approved by the entire Senate and House of Representatives without a word of rebuke or dissension from any of them.

J. Ferguson, Votecoin

By now everyone has heard of Bitcoin, but do you know what it really does? Most people's knowledge about Bitcoin and blockchain is limited to the knowledge that it can be used to transfer money more quickly, securely and cheaply than traditional banks can.

Who's to say this technological revolution can only be used for business? Nobody that's who. Last year I started a little movement to resolve voter suppression and address other voting issues such as voting accountability, accounting accuracy, security and accessibility. 

Votecoin (@VOTECOIN4) is the first and only non-profit cryptocurrency making an Initial Coin Offering. It's not about the money. It's about an accountable, accessible, accurate and secure voting platform for all registered voters in America. 

Your vote cannot be suppressed if you can cast your vote from anywhere you can access the internet.

The blockchain distributed data ledger system is ideal for voting accountability and accuracy in vote counting for several reasons.

The internet has too many vulnerabilities to properly secure voting nationwide. Experts can debate this while I move forward with something that can be secured nationwide. 

In addition, the unique blockchain algorithm 'Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake' can be used to provide real-time data and regional statistics for voters interested in the results. 

You cannot buy, sell or trade VOTECOIN because it's not about money it's about voting security, accountability, accuracy and accessibility. 

R. Policht

My buddy prisoner Kevin Rashid Johnson has unprecedentedly been shipped around the country, from state prison to state prison. This is because he always orgainzes his fellow inmates and reports on prison abuses of the menatlly ill.

He has no lawyer and has defended himself in court and won 6 times. Currently, they are torturing him in Indiana.

Get more information at his website: www.rashidmod.com

Here is an interview with Johnson from The Real News:

G. Anderson, The Ecosystem Reclamation Camps

There are many fronts in this "fight" we are engaged in. For those who may not be familiar, I want to briefly introduce you to a rather new movement and the man behind it.

Much can and has been written about John D. Liu and his career as a photojournalist. He worked for CBS for ten years helping to found the news bureau in Beijing as well as for several other TV news networks. (I have asked myself the question, could he be one of the four who filmed the Tiananmen tank man?)

While this history is important my remarks here gloss over it to get to the point of what is going down as we speak.

In the mid-nineties, John was invited to film the loess plateau. He made a popular documentary on YouTube that shows how impoverished people’s lives can be improved agriculturally in a rather short period of time with landscaping that improves the hydrology of the bioregion.

John claims it was this event that inspired him to move in a direction where he began filming and keenly observing both pristine and degraded landscapes in an effort to understand them. Today there are innumerable films and documentaries of John’s work.

Fast forward to more recent years and John has spearheaded a new worldwide movement — Ecosystem Restoration Camps. Supporting membership is growing rapidly. One popular film on the topic is “Green Gold.”

Because every bioregion is different it requires local expertise, keen observation and research. The camps, in turn, will be an open source of knowledge for local foresters, farmers and gardeners. Camp Altiplano is the first Ecosystem Restoration Camp in Spain and others are underway in several countries.

There are many other activists — or permaculturists — in the fight to transition to sustainable living who deserve recognition.

  • In the “Green Gold” documentary we meet popular permaculture instructor Geoff Lawton who John D. Liu says is his soulmate.

  • Professor Miguel Altieri has carried on for years with agroecology at the University of Davis in California. He has also done research around the world with La Via Campesina.

  • Ernst Gotsch has developed cutting-edge methods working large scale with forest garden guilds primarily in tropical climates. This kind of knowledge has revolutionary potential in every climate and bioregion.

It is the permaculturist’s dream that in this world system that functions on scarcity, this corporatist banana republic taking over the planet in service to its elite, that we create a sharing or gift economy based on local abundance. There are many fronts in this battle and we need to be aware that this is what it takes and that we can unite in support of each other.

It is my conviction that huge mutual benefits will be gained if those in the media like Redacted Tonight can help spread the word about the work of John D. Liu.

Green Gold

Quixotic Tin Hat, anon, poem written for the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline


Look at that flag, Proudly displayed on your arm.
Now look to your front, At Americans you harm.

Look at the ones, to your left and right.
Do they not resemble, the evil black Knight?

Look at the pictures, of Wife, Daughter and Son.
When you call home, do you tell what you've done?

Look at the water, in the glass that you drink.
Less valuable than oil? Is that what you think?

Look at that pipeline, Is it worth anyones life?
If you are confused. Go ask your wife.

Look at the Veterans, That you disrespect.
Fulfilling YOUR DUTY! to serve and protect.

Look in the mirror, Pathetic enforcer of greed.
Look at your pay stub,....Take all the time that you need.

November 30 2016

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