Week Of Apr 6, 2021

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See!

The intelligence community recently released a report revealing that they’re targeting peaceful activists in the US with counter-terrorism measures — get this story & more this week on Redacted Tonight

Professor Steve Keen joined me for a conversation about how classical economic ideas cannot solve climate change — on this episode of VIP

Corporations like General Mills and ExxonMobil aren’t going to save us from white supremacist violence or climate annihilation with their piddly tweets — on Scheer Post

Check out part 2 of the history of the police & a look at the secret societies of the presidents — on this installment of my podcast with Graham Elwood Government Secrets

Eleanor Goldfield & I cover forever chemicals in the water — and more this week on our current events podcast Common Censored

Redacted Tonight correspondent Anders Lee & I discussed the Democratic Socialists of America — on the latest Moment of Clarity

The stock market has again revealed itself as a Ponzi Scheme — on Moment of Clarity

Extinction Rebellion’s latest campaign targets the banks — on Moment of Clarity

NYC became the first city to end qualified immunity for the cops — on Moment of Clarity

The corporation behind the Dakota Access Pipeline is trying to subpoena independent media groups for reporting on its attacks on protesters — The Intercept

An eviction moratorium shouldn’t allow for hundreds of thousands of households to fall through the cracks — MintPress News

Corporations like Delta & Coca-Cola are pretending they care about the voting rights of the people of Georgia. Don’t fall for it! — on The New Republic

Welcome back to the Ledger!

The weather is getting warmer so get involved with local protests to cancel the rent, stop evictions, demand police accountability, or make progress on whatever your community needs. Get back in the streets safely.

Keep fighting!

- Lee

The DSA Debate! (w/ Anders Lee)

The Stock Market Reveals Itself

Money Rebellion

NYC Ends Qualified Immunity for Police

How Corporate America Supports Racism, Hatred & Exploitation (in New & Fun Ways!)

If you’ve been paying even a modicum of attention to the world at large, you’ve noticed that white supremacists constitute a bit of a problem in America. They led an insurrection at our Capitol recently. They’ve been involved in many mass shootings. I, along with many others, was nearly killed by one a few years ago in Charlottesville, Va.after he tried to murder as many peaceful protesters as possible. Our police forces are brimming with white supremacist assholes. And I think they had a popular TV show about ducks and beards not too long ago. 

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What's In Your Tap Water & What's In The Infrastructure Plan

The Truth About Police Pt. 2 & The Secret Societies of Presidents

The Climate Change Economics Are WAY OFF! (w/ Professor Keen)

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The War on Terror Is Coming Home

The Real Reason We’re Still In Afghanistan

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Pipeline Company Issues Broad Subpoena to News Site That Covered Protests Against It

The Intercept | Alleen Brown, Sam Richards

Last week, members of the nonprofit news organization Unicorn Riot received a subpoena from the pipeline giant Energy Transfer seeking a wide range of documents, including newsgathering materials that would identify sources. The subpoena is part of an aggressive, yearslong legal effort launched by Energy Transfer in the wake of the Standing Rock movement, when thousands of opponents of the corporation’s Dakota Access pipeline came to camps at the border of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in an attempt to stop pipeline construction and protect the tribe’s drinking water from contamination.

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Moth-Eaten Eviction Moratorium Leaves Hundreds of Thousands Without a Roof

MintPress News | Eleanor Goldfield

“Raise your hand if you can’t pay rent,” she yelled sharply and resolutely into a microphone. A Spanish translation echoed her words as hands shot up across the crowd. “Now make that into a fist. Because we gotta fight! It’s only when we fight that we can win!” Cheers and hollers muffled by face masks reverberated off the brick facades. Cars honked as they drove by, throwing solidarity fists at the “Cancel Rent” posters lined up along the sidewalk. A woman with a “Food not Rent” banner waved back with encouragement.

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Delta and Coca-Cola Won’t Save Voting Rights in Georgia

The New Republic | Jacob Silverman

The recent battle over voting rights in Georgia has briefly disrupted the usually placid relationship between America’s corporate titans and the Republican Party. Late last month, Georgia passed legislation that, among its stringent requirements, mandates IDs for absentee voting and gives the state new powers to replace election officials. On Wednesday of last week, Coca-Cola and Delta offered belated criticism of the law, in Coca-Cola’s case calling it “unacceptable” and a “step backwards.” Delta CEO Ed Bastian, for his part, wrote that “having time to now fully understand all that is in the bill,” he had come to the conclusion that it “includes provisions that will make it harder for many underrepresented voters, particularly Black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives.” That was “wrong,” he concluded.

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Keep fighting!

- Lee

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