Week Of Oct 5, 2021

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See!

I expose some of the darkest actions from Bill Gates’ career in ‘philanthropy’ — and more on the latest Redacted Tonight

Last week I interviewed Stephen Semler on the secret numbers behind the US war machine — on VIP

Graham Elwood & I looked back into the US’s dirty wars in Africa — this week on our podcast Government Secrets

Tulsi Gabbard went full right wing on Fox News the other week — on Moment of Clarity

A new book proves that the Hunter Biden emails the corporate media tried to cover up were authentic — on Moment of Clarity

Welcome back to the Ledger!

You need to see my exposé on Bill Gates’ dark secrets below. The Ledger won’t be coming out for the next 2 weeks but the fight isn’t over.

All of my shows will still be on a regular schedule.

Keep fighting!

- Lee

Tulsi Goes Full Right Wing!

Hunter Biden Scandal Proven TRUE While Media Covers It Up

The Myth of Robert E Lee + Operation Midnight Climax

The Secret Numbers Behind The Military Industrial Complex

Click to watch the full episode.

The Dirty Truth About Bill Gates

Click to watch the full episode.

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