Week Of Jan 21, 2020

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See!

  • Independent voters in California need to know a magical phrase to vote in the 2020 Democratic primary. You’ll learn it in my opening monologue — this week on Redacted Tonight

  • I have two interviews for you this week with an expert on the Middle East & the director of an advocacy organization fighting to get the influence of big money out of politics — on this episode of VIP

  • I review the Warren campaign’s attack on Sanders & introduce an idea for why Nancy Pelosi waited until two weeks before Primary voting started to begin the impeachment — in this installment of Moment Of Clarity

  • We look at the true legacy of MLK, how the fossil fuel industry is using their political power to exploit ‘public’ lands, & more — on my podcast with Eleanor Goldfield, Common Censored

  • Corporate greed is playing a hand in the mass death of bees. Big surprise! — from The Intercept

  • The right-wing Brazilian government had plans to support terrorism in Venezuela, yet English-speaking media chose not to report the story — from The Grayzone

  • Climate change had a role in the the intensity of the Australian wildfires but economic inequality determined who suffered the most — from Truthout

  • I just received the first copies of my newest book Bullet Points & Punch Lines — your pre-order copies should be shipping soon — to buy your own visit LeeCampBook.com

  • For my fans in & around Philadelphia - this is your last change to get tickets for my live stand-up comedy show this Sunday! Saturday is already sold out — get details at RedactedTour.com

Welcome back!

I’m pumped for you all to get hold of my newest book. I’ve been given the opportunity to undermine corporate narratives, argue for a peaceful future, and celebrate the end of all wars. (One can hope.)

It makes a great gift for friends and family who need to be woken up.

Enjoy this edition of The Ledger. Keep fighting!

- Lee

The Fake Sanders V. Warren Fight

Primaries Rigged, MLK "Santasized," Motherhood Criminalized, Drones Over U.S. Skies

The Truth About Iran & Iraq w/ Rania Khalek

How CA Primary Voters Will Be Robbed, Excuses For Assassination Collapse

Australia’s Fires Show How Wealth Inequality Compounds Climate Disasters

Truthout | Sharon Zhang

This is not the first time that Australia has been devastatingly burned. More than ten years ago, in February 2009, fires in Australia killed 173 people, injured thousands more and destroyed 2,000 homes. The day of the February 2009 blaze, which became known as Black Saturday, constituted the country’s most deadly wildfire event in history. The fires were sudden and moved with alarming speed.

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Brazil’s far-right government backed terror plot against Venezuela, top newspaper reveals

The Grayzone | Ben Norton

Brazil’s extreme Bolsonaro government backed an attack on Venezuela in a plot to overthrow its elected president. The shocking terror operation has received no coverage in mainstream US media.

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The Playbook For Poisoning The Earth

The Intercept | Lee Fang

in September 2009, over 3,000 bee enthusiasts from around the world descended on the city of Montpellier in southern France for Apimondia — a festive beekeeper conference filled with scientific lectures, hobbyist demonstrations, and commercial beekeepers hawking honey. But that year, a cloud loomed over the event: bee colonies across the globe were collapsing, and billions of bees were dying.

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Keep fighting!

- Lee

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