Week Of Dec 3, 2019

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See!

  • JFK’s mistress, Mary Meyer, was murdered under strange circumstances a year after the assassination of Kennedy. My guest wrote the book on it on this special episode of VIP

  • Legal & illegal don’t mean anything when the criminal justice system has been captured by the power elite — from my stand up comedy

  • Human Rights Watch pays A LOT more attention to human rights violations in countries that US businessmen want to plunder on this episode of Moment Of Clarity

  • A new system for arresting debtors is forming through Utah’s small claims court — on ProPublica

  • I’m not here to sugarcoat the climate crisis but sometimes developments in technology lead to something cool — on Grist

  • US Intelligence agencies excel at leveraging foreign protest movements. This is coming to pass with the democracy protests in Lebanon on The Grayzone

  • The UK’s conservative Tory party are trying to sell Britain’s NHS to U.S. oligarchs — on Jacobin

  • Carbon offset programs are failing to address climate change & nobody who has been paying attention is surprised — from The Real News

  • My newest book (Bullet Points & Punch Lines) is now available for pre-order & will ship in January — Click To Pre-Order

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Kamala Harris is out of the DNC primary. It’s not quite destruction of the two-corporate-party political machine, but it’s fun to watch the neoliberal favorites fall!

Enjoy my content this week and keep fighting.

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Corrupt Rulers Have Captured Our Legal System

The Dark Secret About Human Rights Watch

The Assassination of JFK & Mary Meyer: REVEALED!

They Loan You Money. Then They Get A Warrant For Your Arrest.

ProPublica | Anjali Tsui

High-interest loan companies are using Utah’s small claims courts to arrest borrowers and take their bail money. Technically, the warrants are issued for missing court hearings. For many, that’s a distinction without a difference.

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No land, no problem. Floating solar panels might be the next big thing.

Grist | Maria Gallucci

A blue lagoon sits outside of Sayreville, New Jersey, inside a lush preserve of spruce, maple, and oak trees. The 35-acre basin holds some of the town’s water supply, which requires enormous amounts of electricity to pump and treat. A few years ago, local officials decided to install a solar panel array to power the water treatment plant. Only they couldn’t decide where to put it.

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Technocracy now: The US is working to turn Lebanon’s anti-corruption protests against Hezbollah

The Grayzone | Rania Khalek

While Lebanon’s protests remain focused on the economy and widespread corruption, Washington is increasingly determined to exploit the movement as a geopolitical weapon in the region.

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The Transatlantic Health-Care Struggle

Jacobin | Meagan Day

American advocates of Medicare for All should show our solidarity with Britain’s working class as it fights to save its National Health Service from privatization at the hands of Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and the predatory American health-care industry — the same industry that’s fighting tooth and nail against Medicare for All here at home.

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Carbon Offset Programs Are Failing as Climate Solutions

The Real News Network | Dmitri Lascaris

New reports are questioning the effectiveness of cap-and-trade programs against climate change in California and for East Coast states. Emissions in California and globally are projected to skyrocket in the decades ahead unless significant action is taken.

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