Week Of Aug 13, 2019

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See!

  • Indy journalists report the truth years before the mainstream media are forced to accept it. Here are all the times we’ve been right WAY before the corporate media — this week on Redacted Tonight

  • The US meddles in foreign economies constantly & it’s the topic of my interview this week on VIP

  • Epstein dead, Toni Morrison gone, and much more on my podcast this week Common Censored

  • Tulsi Gabbard was the most searched candidate after both sets of Democratic debates but Google decided to turn off her ad account while she was receiving all of that attention — on Moment Of Clarity

  • Chelsea Manning is still sitting in jail for defending Julian Assange & she’s being forced to pay THOUSANDS in fines — on The Real News Network

  • Chris Hedges is back from vacation and ready to skewer the dysfunctions of our system — on TruthDig

  • Joe Biden is a gaffe machine, for instance, last week he implied that all poor kids are black on Moment Of Clarity

  • I’ll be performing in Los Angeles & Ventura, CA, and more — go to RedactedTour.com for tickets

  • Watch the first 10 minutes of my latest hour-long comedy special for FREE at LeeCampComedySpecial.com


The Ledger is here and what a week it has been.

It was a good week to bring back my Moment of Clarity series. Just me - straight to camera - no bullshit - no bells and whistles. You can get every episode of Moment of Clarity by subscribing for free HERE but I’ll also put links below.

Thanks for coming back and enjoy this issue of The Ledger.

- Lee

Joe Biden Says All Poor Kids Are Black

Tulsi Gabbard Sabotaged By Twitter

Epstein Dead, Morrison Gone, Manning Jailed & Parents Stolen

Does Trump Have A Foreign Policy Plan??

We’re Always Right!

Fear vs. Fear

TruthDig | Chris Hedges

The old rules of politics no longer apply. The only language understood by Donald Trump and his coterie of con artists, billionaires, generals, misfits and Christian fascists—and a Democratic Party that has sold us out—is fear. Calling out Trump’s lies and racism does not matter. Calling out his nepotism and corruption does not matter. Calling out the criminality of his administration does not matter. Calling out its incompetence and idiocy does not matter. Calling out the abject subservience of the ruling elites to corporate power does not matter. Trump and his Democratic Party opponents are immune to moral suasion.

Click to read.

Federal Judge Continues Chelsea Manning’s Confinement and $1000 a Day Fine

The Real News Network | Kevin Gosztola

Manning could be jailed for another 400 days and owe $144,00 because of an unprecedented decision by Bush-Appointed Judge Tenga.

Click to read the transcript.

My newest hour-long comedy special is only available at LeeCampComedySpecial.com.

Keep fighting!

- Lee