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It has been a long, grueling year and I want to thank you for fighting alongside me and the Redacted Tonight team. You inspire me to keep on exposing the savagery of the powerful and wealthy who survive by exploiting the rest of us, criminalizing resistance, and controlling the resources that we all need to survive.

This is the first issue of the new Lee Camp Ledger - which will become a time-saver in your busy lives.

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I do this for you in the hope that collectively we can use the truth to grow a bountiful, inclusive society. A new society will be needed because our current model of Industrial Capitalism and Neoliberal Corporatism is collapsing.

We cannot continue living like this. Literally. But we must stay connected and keep fighting this information war.

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TruthDig - The Pentagon Failed Its Audit Amid a $21 Trillion Scandal (Yes, Trillion)

In this article I go over the shocking new facts about the Pentagon’s failure in their FIRST-EVER audit. When a nation runs on war, the military is going to have more power than any citizen should be comfortable with.

The awesome online publication TruthDig and I are making sure that as many people as possible know about it.

Here’s a teaser.

A few months ago, I covered the story of the $21 trillion that has gone unaccounted for at the Pentagon. That’s right—trillion with a T—an amount of money you can’t possibly come to terms with, so stop trying. Seriously, stop. It’s like trying to comprehend the age of the earth.

Read and share the article at this link.

Common Censored is a news podcast made by artist and activist Eleanor Goldfield and your favorite enraged comedian (me).

This week:

  • The yellow vests, or the gilets jaunes, in France pushed President Macron to kill the proposed fuel tax due to take effect in January

  • Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador or AMLO is Mexico's new leftist president

  • The overpopulation debate and the important points that need to be addressed that often aren't

Check out the episode with this link here or you can look it up on iTunes & Stitcher.

On Redacted Tonight VIP I interviewed Matthew Hoh, a veteran and peace activist affiliated with the group Veterans For Peace (side-note: 10% of sales from ‘Super Patriotic Very Uncle Sam Comedy Special: Not Allowed On TV’ will go to Veterans For Peace and Food & Water Watch). Natalie McGill also came on to talk about a new round of attacks on the environment.

On Friday’s episode of Redacted Tonight I broke down the expansion of the conscientious objectors movement from the military into the police force, big tech, and the slaughterhouse industry.

We also covered the Yellow Vest Protests in France, evidence that doctors took part in the torture program that the US military ran illegally in the wake of 9/11, and a study into the dominance of monopoly power in a conspicuous variety of industries.

And lastly…

We are adding a “gift” feature for my comedy special so that you can buy digital copies for your entire family. The gift feature is not up yet, but should be up within the next day at Check out the comedy special that The Canary called “The new standard in political stand-up comedy.”

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