Jan 3, 2019

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See

This week’s 1-minute rundown:

  • The new Redacted Tonight Standup Comedy Special: MIAMI! - Get it here

  • All the GOOD news from 2018 that you didn’t hear. (Yes, there was some.) - New episode of my podcast Common Censored

  • Mercenary group TigerSwan were hired to infiltrate the opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline and other infrastructure projects with covert activities. This ongoing investigation looks at how they did it - from The Intercept

  • BREAKING: New info reveals the Senate report on “Russian interference” was written by disinformation warriors behind Alabama ‘false flag operation’ - from Grayzone Project

  • NEW: I am now accepting reader stories (that means you)! If you’d like to write a *short* few paragraphs about a story that’s important to you, I will consider adding it to the next Ledger. Make sure it’s well written and not more than a few paragraphs. Hopefully we will eventually have a new guest writer every week. Email your writing to LeeCampLedger@protonmail.com.

  • Get my new stand-up comedy special “Not Allowed On American TV” to stream, to own, or to gift to others. Only at LeeCampComedySpecial.com.

Happy 2019!

Last year had its ups and downs, and I appreciate you weathering them with me. I know that I use comedy to address tough issues, and I hope that my comedy helped you to navigate the bitter, sometimes toxic, political sphere last year.

This week we have a special episode of Redacted Tonight featuring stand-up by a never-before-seen member of the Redacted crew. On Common Censored we looked at the good news from 2018, and there was a lot of it. Many countries are going above and beyond their promises to create environmental sustainability, and many people are putting in a lot of work to protect vulnerable communities.

Plus I’m unveiling an effort to show some of your stories to this community.

Thank you for being part of it all. I look forward to fighting entrenched powers with you in 2019!

- Lee

Yes, there was actually some really great news in 2018. It's important to look back on it to inspire our future fight & to give credit to the powerful work of activists and organizers.

In this episode of the podcast we covered activist victories in energy, environment, infrastructure, and human rights.

“Get shit done” should be the theme of 2019. …Just sayin’.

Follow this link to listen to my podcast with Eleanor Goldfield, Common Censored

This week on Redacted Tonight we released footage from a standup comedy show that the Redacted team put on in Miami in December. All of my correspondents were in the show along with an appearance from our producer, Yoki Danoff.

More News Not Allowed On Your Mainstream Media

How an Undercover Oil Industry Mercenary Tricked Pipeline Opponents into Believing He Was One of Them

The Intercept | Alleen Brown

A former Marine working for the private security firm TigerSwan infiltrated an array of anti-Dakota Access pipeline groups at Standing Rock and beyond.

Read the article here.

The famed Senate Report on “Russian Interference” Was Written By Disinformation Warriors Behind Alabama ‘False Flag Operation’

Grayzone Project | Dan Cohen

Hailed by Congress and the media as defenders of democracy, high-tech Russiagate hustlers Jonathon Morgan and Ryan Fox have been exposed for waging “an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation” to swing the 2017 Alabama senate race.

Read the article here.


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Thank you for being here for the first issue of The Lee Camp Ledger in 2019. We are looking forward to a year full of rebellion, opportunity, radical solutions, and working together. Please tell others to subscribe for free.

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Keep fighting!