Jan 15, 2019

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See

This week’s 1-minute rundown:

Thanks for coming back to The Lee Camp Ledger. The interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal’s legal representative is a personal highlight for this week, along with the revelation that six boxes of evidence were just found from his case.

The Yellow Vest protesters proved the power of popular resistance this past weekend in Paris. And the Sunrise Movement, Extinction Rebellion, and the indigenous-led fight against the fossil fuel industry in Canada are all glimmers of light in dark times.

Thanks for coming back. Remember, if you would like me to publish an opinion or perspective you have about a current issue in the news you can write-up a few paragraphs and send a link to LeeCampLedger@protonmail.com.

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The Silver Bullet to Stop the Corporate State Pillage

by Lee Camp

Every year a certain number of our soldiers decide they’d rather not be involved in shooting people they don’t know so that ExxonMobil can have more oil or Lockheed Martin can make more cash or MSNBC / Fox News can give their hosts topics for their upcoming poetry books. Basically, these soldiers do something horrifying, something terrible, something often called “treasonous” … They — wait for it — think for themselves!

(Glass shatters. Woman screams. Baby cries.)

Nothing is more frightening for our endless war machine than a military grunt who thinks for him or herself. They’re supposed to do nothing more than follow orders. They’re supposed to ask a superior officer for permission to wear a different color pair of socks. That’s right — the biggest, toughest gladiators in our society have to get authorization to switch from boxers to briefs.

I’ll get to what this has to do with our inverted totalitarian corporate pillaging in a moment.

…Read the full article here.

The interviews on Redacted Tonight: VIP this week:

  • Rachel Wolkenstein represented Mumia Abu-Jamal in his controversial 1981 murder trial. Abu-Jamal maintains his innocence, and even though he’s been in jail for 36 years his case for a re-trial and acquittal is stronger than ever.

  • Bitcoin expert Tone Vays discussed the past, present, and future of the cryptocurrency market with me.

The main story this week pulls back the curtain of Russiagate speculation to unveil operatives of the Democratic party and agents of international intelligence collaborating to smear Republicans and left politicians as stooges or direct agents of Russian intelligence. We also look at a town in Mexico that banned politicians in preference for self-governance.

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More News Not Allowed On Your Mainstream Media

Shuttered IRS Is Sending Automated Warnings of Asset Seizures, With Nobody to Call to Stop Them

The Intercept | David Dayen

A zombie-IRS continues to threaten the property of US citizens despite the shutdown. This means that some workers have received letters from the IRS warning that their property will be seized, but nobody is available to talk the problem over with these concerned taxpayers.

Read the article here.

How a NeoCon-Backed “Fact Checker” Plans to Wage War on Independent Media

Mintpress News | Whitney Webb

“Soon after the social media ‘purge’ of independent media sites and pages this past October, a top neoconservative insider — Jamie Fly — was caught stating that the mass deletion of anti-establishment and anti-war pages on Facebook and Twitter was ‘just the beginning’ of a concerted effort by the U.S. government and powerful corporations to silence online dissent within the United States and beyond.”

Read it here.

Will the Longest Shutdown in US History End in a Power Grab?

TRUTHOUT | Lindsay Koshgarian

“Past shutdowns have always ended with negotiated deals. Using a declaration of emergency to end a government shutdown — regardless of whether it even worked at all — would be an unprecedented and authoritarian move that could open the door to a host of alarming future scenarios in which a president might use this power to shut down electronic communication or freeze bank accounts.”

Read it here.

Outrage In Canada After Militarized RCMP Arrest 14 Wet’Suwet’en Land Defenders on Sovereign Indigenous Land

The Real News | Video

Solidarity protests erupt across Canada while Justin Trudeau faces hostile questions about indigenous rights in British Columbia


This week from Reader-Submitted we are highlighting the submission of Rob Carson.

He wrote to us with his opinions about the President’s recent remarks about the fight for a border wall. He analyzed how POTUS referred to the immigrants with dehumanizing language and exaggerated the level of ‘crisis’ actually experienced at the border.

Read Carson’s opinion piece and the rest of the Reader-Submitted content here.

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