Feb 2019, Week 4

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G. Guillo, Time to rock out against another invasion & occupation! From Iraq to Venezuela - No Blood for Oil

M. Flugennock, "Sweet Spot"

Never mind for a moment the idea that you'd ever see a pompous-ass big-city morning tome like the Post use the phrase "sweet spot" on top of the fold on A1:


This is some of the best news I've seen smack on the front page in years.

"Candidates Fear Socialist Label..." Why am I so overjoyed at that? And why am I still somehow smiling at this steaming-ass little plopper from the Anointed Heir To Our Exalted Slay Qween...?

All my fellow Lefties on Twitter are bitching about how there's still no platform or policy page at Harris' Web site – a valid bitching point, for sure – while she's right out here in public, showing us what her freakin' platform is.

I'm also surprised that I'm surprised that the US Left, a massive cupcake, would actually be able to make the current crop of candidates afraid of us. Judging from the media frenzy, I'm guessing the Democrats have finally found their sweet spot, and will continue hitting the hell out of it because it feels so good when they stop.

T. Payne

Trump could not be on more shaky ground morally and politically with this faltering coup attempt against the people of Venezuela, this naked aggression for oil both domestically and internationally. One of these ways is that Venezuela is not even really a Socialist country, yet, with over 70% of its GDP under private ownership.

Everything about this incredible desperate blunder is pure hogwash.  If the call for dialog issued by China, Russia, Mexico, India and others is not heeded and adopted, the ensuing hot war that now seems otherwise inevitable will be the crowning war criminality that will give the bullying US ‘cops-of-the-world’ a huge and overdue comeuppance.

Up to now, Trump is well out on a limb with no apparent plan B.  His choices are:

1) owning a failed coup against a duly elected government, or

2) being responsible for a war that could reach heights never seen before in the western hemisphere, and potentially worldwide as well given the alignment of nations against this disastrous and criminal policy. 

This aggression is far more than some kind of easily walked back brinkmanship. It's more like a strange form of Russian roulette, with all the risk that implies for both predator and prey.