Dec 26, 2018

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See

This week -


I hope that your bellies are full and your companions tolerable. May you have a similarly excellent New Year.

In this second issue of “The Lee Camp Ledger” late-stage capitalism is a recurring theme. Eleanor Goldfield and I looked at the trend of children being trained to expect money for every chore they perform. There are also two interviews on “VIP” that cover the current instability of the global economy and the dirty tricks behind all of the stocks you might own.

Last week I went on a podcast with amazing activists Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance to talk about how I started my career as a comedian and annoying provocateur.

Enjoy all the new content and I’ll see you in the New Year!

- Lee

“Clearing The FOG” w/ Popular Resistance

Listen to the episode here.

Popular Resistance brought me onto “Clearing the FOG” to discuss how I ended up as a comedy-news TV show host.

We discuss militarism, capitalism, climate denial, and much more - and how those same topics all get coverage in my new comedy special “Super Patriotic Very Uncle Sam Comedy Special Not Allowed on American TV.”

Listen to the episode here.

From the War on Terror to Russiagate, the fear factory is going stronger than Santa's workshop - and yet both are equally filled with fairy tales.

On the podcast this week:

  • How Not To Parent 101: Apparently, paying kids to do basic tasks is considered "positive reinforcement"

  • The Artist/Capitalism conundrum

  • Amazon workers in New York push to unionize amidst HQ2 blowback

  • Norway's move against palm oil

  • Your phone knows what you did last summer - and also yesterday - and also right now. Right now.

Follow this link to listen to my podcast with Eleanor Goldfield “Common Censored”

I spoke with two great economic minds on “Redacted: VIP” this week. First, Prof. Richard Wolff discusses the state of the economy and our current place in the market cycles of capitalism. Another crash is expected. I also spoke with Tan Liu, the economic writer and researcher, who has looked deeply into the stock market and found that it operates like a Ponzi Scheme.

Enjoy the episode right here:

As ‘Redacted Tonight’ gets ready to end 2018 I considered the well-documented connection between the growth of inequality and the rise of fascist regimes. These are the cold truths Santa Clause doesn’t want you to know about!

We take a look at a DNC Representatives who “hilariously“ voted for Paul Ryan’s scheme to continue US involvement in the genocide in Yemen. And on a less bloody note we look at the handiwork of some German culture jammers who put up anti-Nazi billboards for Coca-Cola and Nutella.

In the second half of the show John F. O’Donnell and I weigh the pros and cons of a massive student debt forgiveness program. And Natalie McGill brings you news from the FCC as the villains from the net neutrality battle shift their focus to text messages.

Watch below:

More News Not Allowed On Your Mainstream Media

Legal Hemp in the USA: What the 2018 Farm Bill Means for US Hemp and Agriculture

From: Truthout | By: Kit McConnell

On the positive side of the Farm Bill, it legalized the use of industrial hemp. Hemp is an extremely productive plant which can replace and often outperform petroleum as plastics and fuel, timber for construction and paper, fabrics, and it has healthy amounts of protein and a medicinal compound called CBD.

Read the story at this link.

Donorbox Shutters BDS Fundraising After Complaint by Israeli-Government Linked Group

From: MintPress News | By: AP

Stories about Israeli groups putting pressure on businesses, politicians, high schools, and universities to crack down against anybody critical of Israel are becoming commonplace. But just because an injustice is becoming commonplace doesn’t mean it should be allowed to pass without criticism. MintPress News published this piece that looks at an instance where an Israeli advocacy group and the Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry got the fundraising efforts of the BDS campaign shut down by alleging they are connected to militant groups. The alleged connection has no evidence and has been denied by a spokesperson for BDS.

Read the story here.

And lastly…

You can purchase my first stand-up comedy special in 4 years at We have created a brand new website for you. There is also the option to send it to your friends and family as a late gift for $4.90.

Watch the trailer:

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Redacted Tonight has one more show this week, a comedy special that the Redacted Team and I taped in Miami. That will come out Friday. Then we’ll be back in 2019 to bring you the news that the corporate media is scared you’ll see.

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