Week of Jan 22, 2019

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See

This week’s 1-minute rundown:

  • The truth about the Cuban sonic attacks has been revealed, how the U.S. maintains its Forever-Wars with ‘feminism’, & the collapse of our democracy - this week on Redacted Tonight

  • An unfiltered look at the politics of Martin Luther King Jr. - from AlterNet

  • My interview with ground-breaking economist Richard Wolff is now in written form. Give it a read over at — TruthDig

  • Rebelling Against Human Extinction with Extinction Rebellion NYC - on Redacted Tonight: VIP

  • Glenn Greenwald looks back at the top 10 Russiagate theories that were spread by the Corporate Press from 2016 to now, before being contradicted by reality - from The Intercept

  • Eleanor Goldfield discussed the state of healthcare in the US & the fossil fuel industry’s moves to profit from the renewable energy economy — on FreeSpeechTV’s Act Out!

  • Trump’s Wall, the Yellow Vest protests enter week 10, & the future of water — on my podcast Common Censored

  • From this week’s Reader-Submitted opinions we highlighted a contribution from J. Olson from Oregon entitled ‘The Housing Crisis Around The Nation’

  • “Not Allowed on American TV” — my newest hour-long standup comedy special — is only available at LeeCampComedySpecial.com


Thanks for continuing to enjoy this convenient “travel-size” package that delivers important news from the past week and all of my content directly to your inbox.

The climate change countdown continues its ominous advance and inequality grows. But I hope that I can deliver you an unsanitized — but not despair inducing — dose of what’s happening to combat the apparent intentions of the most powerful members of our species to end organized human life on the planet.

The battle is not over yet.

Keep fighting!

- Lee

Richard Wolff: The Next Economic Crisis Is Coming

by Lee Camp

Every time I sit down with economist Richard Wolff, he demonstrates why the field of economics is so necessary in the cultural critique of our American empire. In my recent interview with him, we discussed why the thriving economy touted by President Donald Trump hasn’t translated into real gains for the majority of Americans. We also went over what is hidden by the economic indicators that allow the financial industry to celebrate while so many Americans are still suffering.

Read the full article on TruthDig.

This week on my free podcast Common Censored with Eleanor Goldfield:

  • A Pemex Pipeline exploded in Mexico - for a surprising and sad reason. Mexican President AMLO has a plan to address it, but here's a better one.

  • Detroit is like a ghost of Christmas future for the rest of the US. Recently, a report came out showing it could flip a 180 and be a powerful model for the rest of the country.

  • A new neo-con invention called “NewsGuard” doesn't think you can handle the truth - so they'll just be guarding you from it.

Listen to the new episode here.

This week on Redacted Tonight: VIP I sat down with Rory Varrato from Extinction Rebellion NYC. Extinction Rebellion is one of the only protest movements to stop climate change that is not willing to compromise with corporate requests.

The group started their campaign in London toward the end of 2018 with the message that climate change will cause chaos for our species and it could easily lead to our extinction.

Watch below:

I start this week’s episode off with new evidence that shreds the 2017 story that Cuba targeted US diplomats with sonic weapons. It turns out it’s scientifically impossible to do what the US mainstream media claims was done. We also looked at inequality in Canada, the continued Yellow Vest Protests, and feminism in the Military Industrial Complex.

Click to watch:

More News Not Allowed On Your Mainstream Media

Public Hospitals Don’t Exist, Land & Future for Sale + Stateside Rebel for Life

Act Out! | Eleanor Goldfield

Was Martin Luther King a socialist?

AlterNet | Lynn Parramore

“The Millennial socialists are coming,” declared a June 30 New York Times headline, describing a surprise surge of young female candidates endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America who beat their establishment opponents in primary races in New York and Pennsylvania. No longer is being a socialist considered scary — at least if you came of age after the Fall of the Wall. For many, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Martin Luther King, Jr., if he were around today, would likely be smiling.

Read it here.

Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump/Russia Story

The Intercept | Glenn Greenwald

BuzzFeed was once notorious for traffic-generating “listicles”, but has since become an impressive outlet for deep investigative journalism under editor-in-chief Ben Smith. That outlet was prominently in the news this week thanks to its “bombshell” story about President Trump and Michael Cohen: a story that, like so many others of its kind, blew up in its face, this time when the typically mute Robert Mueller’s office took the extremely rare step to label its key claims “inaccurate.”

Read it here.


This week from Reader-Submitted we are highlighting the submission of J. Olson.

She analyzed the rising prices in the housing market of Portland, Oregon. She also opened questions that apply to the whole country. Readers should consider writing in with their insights into the current housing market.

Read Olson’s opinion piece and the rest of the Reader-Submitted content here.

To submit your own (short) news story or analysis, email LeeCampLedger@protonmail.com

The British publication The Canary called my new comedy special “Not Allowed On American TV” — the “new standard for political stand-up.”

It’s only available at LeeCampComedySpecial.com for only $3.90.

Watch this trailer and see what you think:

Keep fighting!

- Lee

Jan 2019, Week 3

In the Reader-Submitted issue of The Lee Camp Ledger we highlight the opinions and stories of the community. If you want us to publish a short opinion of yours or an explanation of something in the news that you think is important then send an email with a few paragraphs and a link to LeeCampLedger@protonmail.com.

Please read previous submissions to get an idea of what we’re looking for. We will edit your writing, but only up to a point.

J. Olson, The Housing Crisis Around The Nation

We live in Portland, Oregon. In the last four years, since 2014 exactly, these huge developers just stormed in and took over the entire city. They are building "luxury apartments" with "affordable housing" options so they get a flipping tax break. The "affordable housing" that they offer are 500 sq ft studios and instead of being $1500, they are offered at the affordable price of $1300 for a teeny tiny suffocating 500 sq ft studio apartment!

4 years ago, the average price for a studio apartment in Portland was $500/month. You cannot find that anywhere now. At the minimum, it doubled. And that means that no matter what reasonable amount of "inflation" one would attribute to a livable wage, if housing costs just doubled or tripled, the poverty line should account for that.

This has thrown thousands of people onto the streets with no-cause evictions so that current landlords and apartment owners could throw everyone out and double their rents.

I have lived here for decades and am an original resident of Oregon.

These housing developments are happening at an insane pace. I think that these big foreign investors don't have a clue about the local economy and are simply buying up whole entire counties because the bubble isn't just staying local, it is simultaneously happening to all of the communities around Portland — even the most undesirable places are sky-rocketing in rent.

My partner is a radical economist and says that this is unlike any housing bubble he has ever seen and that even though his field of expertise is in this area, he cannot describe what is happening with housing bubbles all around the world.

Also, many of these new monstrous apartment buildings being built, have already changed ownership a few times before they are even finished, which leads one to think there is some sort of scandal going on here. 

L. Haas, Goldman Sachs 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) Apology Is Insincere

It is public knowledge that Goldman Sachs has unclean hands concerning the Malaysia 1MDB Multi-Billion-Dollar scandal.

Additionally, it is public knowledge that Sachs executive, Tim Meissner, has pled guilty for being complicit.

Just yesterday, Goldman Sachs’ new CEO, David Solomon, apologized for whatever part Goldman Sachs personnel may have had.

For the following reasons, the apology of Sachs new CEO, David Solomon, appears to be insincere!

1. Sachs is doing ad hominem attacks against its former exec, Tim Leissner - post guilty plea; and such appears to be an effort to diminish the duplicity of the corporation.

2.  Tim Meissner specifically stated his actions, since 2009, were encouraged by the "culture" at Goldman Sachs.

3.  Previously, in 2012, Greg Smith, also a Sachs executive, resigned with a much publicized Letter to the Editor at The New York Times, where Mr. Smith expounded on the toxicity of Goldman; and how there were emails between Sachs employees mocking the fact that they were systemically ripping off clients!

4.  Making these issues extensively heinous & egregious is the fact that Sachs affiliated parties ( lawyers from complicit firms) are "planted" in key positions of authority, where they presided over racketeering cases involving Goldman Sachs and their partner in crime - Bain Capital.

For the reasons listed above, and because cover ups and obstructions of justice by Sachs continue in the Mattel, Fingerhut and eToys cases. The purported apology by Sachs’ new CEO, David Solomon, and his promise that the "culture" of Sachs is of gold faith - is insincere.

I know all of this because I was the CEO of eToys who Bain Capital’s lawyers offered a million-dollar bribe to. This was similar to the one given to Kay Bee CEO Michael Glazer.

Sachs’ CEO isn't the only insincere one. When I reported this corruption to the Public Corruption Task Force - the special unit was shut down - and career federal prosecutors were threatened to keep their mouths shut. See L.A. Times "Shake-up toils federal prosecutors."

Until Goldman Sachs apologizes to me and eToys - nothing will change.

This case is as big as it gets. Over 100 articles and several documentaries are publicly available — including an episode of American Greed and a cover story on Rolling Stone — but none of them scratch the gravity of the situation.

C. DeCarlo

I believe animals need people to speak for them. I know the wild horses in my state are in great need. I wonder, is the US Forest Service the loophole to be able to send them to slaughter without having to sneak around to do it?

Perhaps they will have a stay of execution in the courts.

Large animals on this planet are being killed for whatever resources found beneath their feet/hooves/paws that humans want. If there is a way to make money off the actual specie all the more reason to beware of their fate.

I admit to loving animals. I know the magnificence of the equine species. My heart aches for them.

Further reading: New pen at California-Nevada border may allow sale of horses for slaughter - The Denver Post

K. Kostov, EU, killer robots, and drones...

I don’t know if you have a sense of this, but we Europeans are much more unaware of the propaganda and wars we unwillingly support, because most of us are asleep. We are under the illusion that we live in real democracies, and that we are different (meaning better) from the totalitarian states to the East and South of us, but also from the extreme US capitalist system.

We, especially in the Nordic countries, are convinced that we’ve got things right… So, when our governments do things that the majority of us would not support, it usually goes unnoticed because the media here has the same function as in the US. When we are fed anti-Russian propaganda, it is accepted uncritically, because… Russia is bad and we are good! Facts are irrelevant…

If you point out the reality to someone in Sweden, where I live, or Denmark, where I go every month due to my work, s/he will say something like “yes, but… this is just an exception (or a special case), or there is probably something that we don’t know, but our leaders are not like the crazy neocons in the US, or the horrible dictators in the rest of the world. So, overall, we — most of the EU — are doing well… and we are a force for good!”…

I wrote all the above just to explain how weak we are in Europe on the anti-war front, compared to you, in the US… Although, I am sorry to say this, but you are just as powerless as we are. ☹

I am not saying we should resign and give up. I am simply acknowledging the reality, and as you say, we should “keep fighting” as long as we can!

After venting out my emotions, here is why I am writing to you. I don’t know if it will be of any good use, but you are asking for reader-submitted information and here is something that you probably haven’t heard about:

The EU is funding research on killer robots and drones. First there was a campaign and a web-site where scientist could sign the Researchers for Peace pledge. Then there was an effort to get signatures for an open letter denouncing the militarization of the EU. There were 177 scientists from 17 countries who signed the letter.

I know that in the eyes of the EU leaders I am nobody, but I cannot understand how intelligent and highly educated people cannot realize how wrong-headed these militarization efforts are. They are out of their minds if they think that spending money on "killer robots" will make us safer. Even if the West can develop "autonomous" (unmanned, or whatever) weapons that are superior to what Russia can make (something that I seriously doubt), there is no human or robot that can withstand a nuclear blast. And there is no doubt that if Russia is losing a “conventional war”, it will use its ultimate weapon – the nuclear weapons that it has enough of…

So, this “research” is not only a waste of resources, but it is suicidal - it can only provoke the use of WMDs, which will kill us all...

The only way to survive as humans is to make peace.

Jan 15, 2019

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See

This week’s 1-minute rundown:

Thanks for coming back to The Lee Camp Ledger. The interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal’s legal representative is a personal highlight for this week, along with the revelation that six boxes of evidence were just found from his case.

The Yellow Vest protesters proved the power of popular resistance this past weekend in Paris. And the Sunrise Movement, Extinction Rebellion, and the indigenous-led fight against the fossil fuel industry in Canada are all glimmers of light in dark times.

Thanks for coming back. Remember, if you would like me to publish an opinion or perspective you have about a current issue in the news you can write-up a few paragraphs and send a link to LeeCampLedger@protonmail.com.

Keep fighting!

- Lee

The Silver Bullet to Stop the Corporate State Pillage

by Lee Camp

Every year a certain number of our soldiers decide they’d rather not be involved in shooting people they don’t know so that ExxonMobil can have more oil or Lockheed Martin can make more cash or MSNBC / Fox News can give their hosts topics for their upcoming poetry books. Basically, these soldiers do something horrifying, something terrible, something often called “treasonous” … They — wait for it — think for themselves!

(Glass shatters. Woman screams. Baby cries.)

Nothing is more frightening for our endless war machine than a military grunt who thinks for him or herself. They’re supposed to do nothing more than follow orders. They’re supposed to ask a superior officer for permission to wear a different color pair of socks. That’s right — the biggest, toughest gladiators in our society have to get authorization to switch from boxers to briefs.

I’ll get to what this has to do with our inverted totalitarian corporate pillaging in a moment.

…Read the full article here.

The interviews on Redacted Tonight: VIP this week:

  • Rachel Wolkenstein represented Mumia Abu-Jamal in his controversial 1981 murder trial. Abu-Jamal maintains his innocence, and even though he’s been in jail for 36 years his case for a re-trial and acquittal is stronger than ever.

  • Bitcoin expert Tone Vays discussed the past, present, and future of the cryptocurrency market with me.

The main story this week pulls back the curtain of Russiagate speculation to unveil operatives of the Democratic party and agents of international intelligence collaborating to smear Republicans and left politicians as stooges or direct agents of Russian intelligence. We also look at a town in Mexico that banned politicians in preference for self-governance.

Click to watch:

More News Not Allowed On Your Mainstream Media

Shuttered IRS Is Sending Automated Warnings of Asset Seizures, With Nobody to Call to Stop Them

The Intercept | David Dayen

A zombie-IRS continues to threaten the property of US citizens despite the shutdown. This means that some workers have received letters from the IRS warning that their property will be seized, but nobody is available to talk the problem over with these concerned taxpayers.

Read the article here.

How a NeoCon-Backed “Fact Checker” Plans to Wage War on Independent Media

Mintpress News | Whitney Webb

“Soon after the social media ‘purge’ of independent media sites and pages this past October, a top neoconservative insider — Jamie Fly — was caught stating that the mass deletion of anti-establishment and anti-war pages on Facebook and Twitter was ‘just the beginning’ of a concerted effort by the U.S. government and powerful corporations to silence online dissent within the United States and beyond.”

Read it here.

Will the Longest Shutdown in US History End in a Power Grab?

TRUTHOUT | Lindsay Koshgarian

“Past shutdowns have always ended with negotiated deals. Using a declaration of emergency to end a government shutdown — regardless of whether it even worked at all — would be an unprecedented and authoritarian move that could open the door to a host of alarming future scenarios in which a president might use this power to shut down electronic communication or freeze bank accounts.”

Read it here.

Outrage In Canada After Militarized RCMP Arrest 14 Wet’Suwet’en Land Defenders on Sovereign Indigenous Land

The Real News | Video

Solidarity protests erupt across Canada while Justin Trudeau faces hostile questions about indigenous rights in British Columbia


This week from Reader-Submitted we are highlighting the submission of Rob Carson.

He wrote to us with his opinions about the President’s recent remarks about the fight for a border wall. He analyzed how POTUS referred to the immigrants with dehumanizing language and exaggerated the level of ‘crisis’ actually experienced at the border.

Read Carson’s opinion piece and the rest of the Reader-Submitted content here.

To submit your own (short) news story or analysis, email LeeCampLedger@protonmail.com

My latest hour-long comedy special “Not Allowed On American TV” is still available at LeeCampComedySpecial.com for $3.90.

Get a sneak-preview from this trailer:

Jan 2019, Week 2

Welcome to the Reader-Submitted issue of The Lee Camp Ledger. To get important stories and opinions in front of our community send an email with a few paragraphs and a link to LeeCampLedger@protonmail.com

R. Carson

Trump's speech last week (1/8/2019) on "The Barrier" was met with expected and predicable opprobrium from both progressives and the establishment wing of the Democratic Party. I'll waste no time commenting on The-Fence-Maker-in-Chief's proposed ‘National Park of Bigotry’ in itself apart from noting my opposition to it; rather, it's instructive to examine the language found in Trump's coolly-stated malice.

Trump's belch includes the phrase "our southern border" four times and "our border" or "our borders" thrice. "Our country" manages to make four appearances over the course of the oration. He notes that "We are out of space" to "hold" migrants and that "...thousands more lives will be lost if we don’t act right now." With gushing optimism, he expresses his hope that "we can rise above partisan politics in order to support national security."  Fascinating amidst all of this is the implication that we're now purportedly all part of the same gang undertaking his dirty work.  

For Trump, it won't suffice to divide the population into quite the standard us vs them dichotomy; the goal of this rhetoric is to lump the country into a undifferentiated mass under siege.

Our borders are assaulted, our space is violated, we need to overcome indecision and partisanship. Even an ideological cleft, typically mundane in principle, but more malicious in this case, is treated as a minor hurdle for Trump's populace who "don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside but because they love the people on the inside." But the love expressed here is no more than solidarity in the hatred that oozes through despite Donald’s denial.        

Precisely whom do we find on the "outside"? Illegals. Indeed, the refugees, individually, or as a whole, can only exist within Trump’s nationalistic narrative with a brand of "illegal". Not once over the course of the entire speech does Trump refer to refugees without trying to bludgeon away their humanity with this legalistic posturing. But this crude epithet does not come alone.  Instead, illegality is always accompanied by sanguinary or brutal descriptions.  In reality, according to Trump, the only Latin American refugees who could possibly exist are "illegals" who "savagely murdered" us, perform "beheadings", and "act viciously".

Our supposedly caring President can’t even be accused of a merely unbalanced presentation; in his report there is nary a positive or concerned word for the many millions who sought only a better atmosphere in which to cultivate their humanity.  Savage to the point of bestial is all they are or can be.

Chilling blanket statements apply at every mention of the people who are caught up in what Trump does correctly refer to as a "humanitarian crisis". Crisis aside, it's difficult to find any ascribed humanity for the refugees buried in Trump's bombast.  The closest we'll uncover is the hope that "illegal immigrant children can be safely and humanely returned back home."

Normally, one expects that children would be treated safely and humanely, but when children are somehow lesser beings by virtue of being "illegal aliens", the altruistic thing to do becomes sending them back to the difficult circumstances from which they've escaped-"home" in Trump's appallingly sickening euphemism. 

That Trump would utilize weaponized language is no surprise, but this should not change the fact that it’s incumbent upon spectators of America’s political farce to not ignore the twisted dishonesty or genuinely disturbing definitions of love and hate found within calls for “border security”.   

L. Haas, Trump Administration Burying Toys ’R’ Us Case

As a whistleblower in multiple cases, I find it particularly alarming that there's never been any investigation into the eToys cases that resulted in the demise of Toys ‘R’ Us.

More than 100 crimes are going by without investigation or prosecution, including the "culture" issues at Goldman Sachs that encouraged personnel to believe tha ripping Malaysia off for billions of dollars was permissible.

When Trump was sued in March 2017 to stop Jay Clayton from becoming head of the SEC - the Clerk of D.C. Federal Court refused to docket the case!

When is enough - Enough - for investigations to begin?

Further reading:

Wall St Whistleblower Informs Goldman Sachs CEO Solomon Of Toxic Culture

Why is Trump’s Administration Obstructing Justice vs. Goldman Sachs & Romney’s Bain Cap? — Steemit

Seskef, anon.

The world has been increasingly neoliberalized for the past half century, and people in general are almost entirely ignorant of its progression. But with the rise of the gilletes jaunes, Brexit, and an increasingly disgruntled American populace, it seems that even though people don’t know the how’s or why’s, that they are rejecting neoliberalism in increasing numbers. This necessitates more pro-neoliberal propaganda, more doublethink, and less honest conversation in the public spectrum of debate. 

Read the blog post here.

D. Pennington, Carbon Sequestration via Small Scale Agriculture

I have been working on the production and uses of "biochar", a microbially inoculated carbon (charcoal) which greatly enhances soil fertility while efficiently storing CO2 in a verifiable, long term manner. To this end I developed an insulated construction material made from waste Styrofoam plus cellulose fiber (paper or wood) and cement (or enzymes from the gut biome of termites).

My building material can be made by anyone using a few very cheap, low-tech tools. This material can be used to make "retorts". These are a type of kiln for efficiently converting waste biomass into "recalcitrant carbon" which lasts in the soil for thousands of years. The charcoal provides a microbial habitat and a buffer storage of water and nutrients. The retorts can even be converted into homes which will last basically forever, or until the owner wants to recycle them into another form.

My plan is for small farmers to build these kilns and improve their soil while being paid by fossil fuel users and/or producers. The cost of this Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) method is far lower than any CCS system currently being developed. Because it is low-tech this method can be spread far and wide very rapidly. The amount of carbon stored can be measured and verified, unlike high-tech underground CCS methods which we are currently wasting billions of dollars developing.

The Amazonian Indians created immense amounts of "terra preta" (biochar) which enabled them to build a vast civilization which is only recently being fully appreciated. This immense civilization, "discovered" in 1542 was wiped out by western diseases but it has VERY important lessons for us today.

I have deciphered the method they used to make biochar using the materials they had: mud, water, fire and wet biomass. The millions of tons of biochar they made are still in the soil today. 

We must reproduce the work of this ancient civilization immediately on a global level if we want to avoid the coming disaster which will be even worse than the one they suffered.

W. Mellado, Julian Assange

Julian needs our help and exposure now more than ever. 

The majority of people know he is an innocent man, a true journalist, who is being punished for daring to not toe the line by delivering true journalism to the world at large.

The lack of exposure to his true situation by the ‘fakestream’ media means he is at risk of being forgotten by the public, the very people he is directly or indirectly helping, leaving Julian at the mercy of those he is inconveniencing. 

Once again he is rightly being nominated for a Nobel Peace prize by Mairead Maguire for his and Wikileaks’ critical work.

From Mairead Maguire’s Press Release:

Jan 8, 2019

News The Corporate Media Is Scared You'll See

This week’s 1-minute rundown:

  • The MOST censored stories of 2018 - watch the new Redacted Tonight episode

  • Angela Davis, the human rights icon, was honored by the Alabama Civil Rights Institute but had the honor rescinded because of her support for BDS, the movement to boycott Israeli companies over the Palestinian occupation - from AP

  • Eleanor Goldfield and I discussed how a mainstream MSNBC & NBC journalist publicly quit his job this week, saying the networks have become nothing but cheerleading for war. Plus Eleanor informed listeners about tactics and strategies for direct action. The positive news keeps coming in 2019 - on our podcast Common Censored

  • The Yellow Vest protests blew up across France demanding the resignation of Emmanuel Macron and winning a load of concessions from the neoliberal bankers’ President. Their success has led many to theorize about what these protests would look like in the US - from Popular Resistance

  • I discussed Bernie 2020, American foreign policy, and the importance of independent journalism in a recent interview - watch the Status Coup interview here

  • Read our first Reader-Submitted stories here. And continue sending your short news write-ups on important topics to LeeCampLedger@protonmail.com

  • Get my newest hour-long special — “Not Allowed On American TV” — only available at LeeCampComedySpecial.com


Thanks for coming back for our second issue of 2019. We asked you to contribute the stories that you want our community to see and you didn’t disappoint. We got news breakdowns, great links, and even some poetry.

We have new episodes of Redacted Tonight and Common Censored for you. I also spoke about several stories in the news right now on the YouTube channel of Status Coup.

The government is still shut down. FAA inspectors are no longer inspecting planes. The wall isn’t being built. People are waking up and rebelling against the exploitative system we live in. And being affiliated with climate change denial is becoming more toxic by the day.

Man, I sure hope that stupid wall doesn’t get built. …In unrelated news: 2 lbs of sugar added to a literal ton of wet concrete mixture will ensure that it never hardens — just sayin’.

- Lee

On Common Censored this week:

  • Mainstream Media has a new enemy - and it's one of their own.

  • Maryland throws some good news our way in the form of an important climate justice vote.

  • Tactics and strategy in direct action

  • The government shutdown continues and our fellow citizens are taking the opportunity to trash the nation.

  • Senator Warren’s exploratory committee

Listen to the new episode here.

I spoke with Jordan Chariton about the place of independent media in building public power, opposing corporate corruption, and holding our elected official accountable for their decisions.

We discussed Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bernie 2020 and the hypocrisy practiced by our media elite.

“The slightest threat of peace and [the corporate media’s] hair is on fire!”

It has become a tradition for the Redacted Team to start the year with a look back at the most important stories that the corporate media chose not to tell you about and this year, as with every year, there were a ton of them.

Some of them, we covered several times last year:

  • $21 trillion in unaccounted-for tax dollars spent by the Pentagon

  • Cell phones and Monsanto’s Roundup cause CANCER

But there are some surprises in the new episode:

More News Not Allowed On Your Mainstream Media

Alabama civil rights institute rescinds Angela Davis honor

AP | Jay Reeves

Black activists on Monday called for leadership changes and protests at an Alabama civil rights museum after it rescinded an award for political activist Angela Davis, a move the mayor said followed complaints from the Jewish community.

Read it here.

What Would A Yellow Vest Movement Look Like In The United States?

Popular Resistance | Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

The Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) movement in France is having a major impact and gaining international attention, already spreading to other nations, with some nations like Egypt banning the sale of yellow vests to prevent the protest from spreading there. The movement is showing that disrupting business-as-usual gets results. Will it come to the United States?

Read it here.


In the first Reader-Submitted segment of our newsletter we are highlighting the submission of Jan Weinburg.

He wants you all to know about the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act of 2018 (ARIA). The legislation, which has already been enacted, is designed to represent the interests of US energy corporations across Asia, while trying to control the rise of Chinese power.

Read the whole thing at this link.

And lastly…

“Not Allowed On American TV,” my newest hour-long comedy special, is getting great reviews (if I can say so myself). You can watch the entire thing at LeeCampComedySpecial.com. You can stream it for only for $3.90, and you can watch a clip for free.

The special has been described as, “setting a new standard for political comedy,” by Steve Topple at The Canary, one of the best independent outlets in the UK.

Watch the trailer and decide for yourself:

The Lee Camp Ledger is going strong in 2019. And thank you for being part of the community.

This community is a repository for all the news that your corporate media would prefer that you thought of as “Russian propaganda.” You know, the accurate descriptions of corporate behavior that make them look bad.

I enjoyed my New Year’s celebrations and I’m back, rested, and ready to keep on shining a light into the dark corners of power.

Keep fighting!

- Lee

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